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Enrolment Procedures

All students are required to complete an application for enrolment form which is available from the school office, or from this website (see below). This form must be completed and returned to the office along with supporting documentation as outlined on the application form.

Enrolment Process

1. Complete the enrolment application and return it to the school office with a copy of the child’s birth certificate, immunisation certificate (if applicable) and student visa (if applicable).
2. Arrange with the secretary for a time to meet with the Principal.
3. Arrange for a time to meet with the Chaplain/Church Pastor, who is the proprietor’s representative to determine your child’s preferential status.
4. You will be notified by the secretary of your child’s acceptance/non-acceptance after steps 1-3 have been completed.

At the time of enrolment, parents should advise the school of any family court order, which may relate to the child.

Click here to download an enrollment application form

Conditions of Enrolment

New Plymouth Adventist Christian School operates for all students in the broader community who are committed to the values and the ethos of the school. Enrolments are accepted without regard to religion, ethnic background or nationality. All students are expected to live in harmony with the standards and participate in the life and program of the school, including devotional activities and Bible classes.

Due to the conditions of our integration agreement with the Ministry of Education, preference must be firstly given to students attending Adventist churches, then students who are part of other Christian denominations. Our integration agreement with the Ministry of Education allows 5% of our students to come from non-Christian backgrounds.